Harry Freeman & Son Limited
 Box 100, Greenfield, Nova Scotia, B0T 1E0 Canada

A Family Tradition

The Freeman family has operated mills in Greenfield since it was settled in 1830. Gorham Freeman built the first mill in 1832, which was powered by water and provided lumber for settler’s homes. Through the 1800s, the Freeman Family built mills to grind local grain and to produce shingles and lumber.

The 20th century witnessed a series of Freeman mills destroyed and rebuilt. After a shingle mill burned in 1905, the Freemans built their first “modern” lumber mill. This mill operated until 1954, when Hurricane Edna hit.

The mill was rebuilt by Harry Freeman Sr. but was destroyed two years later in 1956 by the heaviest floods seen in Nova Scotia in the last century. This mill was the last water-powered mill in Greenfield.

The year after the great flood, Harry Freeman Jr. headed an effort to replace the mill. A new mill was built far from the river. It was powered by gasoline engines.

In the late 1960s, the mill moved one last time to its present location, where electricity eventually replaced diesel power. Around this time, Harry Jr.’s son Charlie joined the operation.

In 1990, the Freeman mill burned to the ground once again. The rebuilding started immediately and an improved facility was raised in just three months.

The rebuilding of the mill began a period of rapid expansion that has lasted until today. A series of dry kilns were added to improve lumber quality. The business was joined by Harry’s other son Richard. More dry kilns were added, as were a stud mill and a new planer mill.

The Sawmill facilities were further modernized in 2005 and 2007. These changes, together with the addition of a new high-speed moulding plant, make us the most modern, flexible and efficient lumber producer in Eastern Canada.

Freeman Lumber has been ISO 9001 certified since August 2002. This certification demonstrates our intense focus on product quality and workplace safety.

Although much has changed in 175 years, the Freeman family is still committed to producing quality lumber products.


We fund silviculture on private lands. We pay for work we do on your land. You profit if we cut any valuable wood.

Under our Program you can improve the value of your lands. Our Program also allows you to transfer lands to your children without paying tax. We will even pay an accountant to help with estate planning.

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Wood Procurement

We buy logs, stumpage and land!

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