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Wood Procurement

We buy logs

We buy softwood studwood and random-length logs from anywhere in Nova Scotia southwest of Truro. Call our woodlands office to see if your wood meets our requirements.

We buy stumpage

This means that we purchase standing timber.

We buy land

It doesn't matter whether your land is forested or has been recently harvested. We buy both kinds of land.
We pay top prices for land, logs and standing timber.

Our Wood Procurement Policy

Harry Freeman & Son Limited is committed to providing consumers with wood products harvested from forests that are managed sustainably. To meet this commitment, Harry Freeman & Son Limited has established a Chain of Custody (CoC) system that provides a link between certified forests and the raw materials used in our manufacturing processes. We will:

  • Encourage forest landowners to follow sustainable forest management practices, including reforestation and complying with best management practices (BMP's).
  • Track the origin of logs that we purchase from wood suppliers and use at our facility.
  • Monitor our wood suppliers to ensure we avoid buying raw materials from unknown, illegal and/ or controversial sources.
  • Monitor and document the volume of raw materials harvested from forest lands certified to internationally recognized sustainable forest management standards.
  • Maintain a management system to ensure that the tracking of forest products conforms to the SFI, PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody and the FSC Controlled Wood standards. This includes annual audits and management reviews to verify the controls and documents are effective and maintained.
  • Communicate information about our chain of custody system to our customers and other interested parties.

Woodlands Office

Please contact our woodlands office for more information:

1-902-685-2792 ext. 5

Chrissy Hunt