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Forest Management

Silviculture Funding

We fund silviculture on private lands. We pay for work we do on your land and you profit if we harvest any wood. We fund the following treatments:

  • Natural Regeneration Establishment - We see what trees grow on your land and create a management plan for your land.
  • Established Plantation - We plant seedlings on clear-cut land.
  • Early Competition Control - We remove weeds and unwanted species from young stands of trees.
  • Pre-Commercial Thinning - We thin stands 10-15 years old.
  • Commercial Thinning - We harvest undesirable wood from medium age stands (35-50 years old). You profit from any marketable wood we harvest.
  • Selection Management - We selectively cut trees from uneven ages stands. You profit from any marketable wood we harvest.


Under our Program you can improve the value of your lands. Our Program also allows you to transfer lands to your children without paying tax. We will even pay an accountant to help with estate planning.

Our Program has "no strings attached". You can sell your wood to whomever you choose in the future.

Woodlands Office

Please contact our woodlands office for more information:

1-902-685-2792 ext. 5

Chrissy Hunt